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WatchKit Tutorial Part 1: Getting started

WatchKit Tutorial Part 2: Creating an app and running it

WatchKit Tutorial Part 3: Page Based Navigation

WatchKit Tutorial Part 4: Hierarchical Navigation

WatchKit Tutorial Part 5: Adding Logic/Code

WatchKit Tutorial Part 6: Auto Layout

WatchKit Tutorial Part 7: Glances Introduction

WatchKit Tutorial Part 8: Notifications Getting Started

WatchKit Tutorial Part 9: Dynamic Notifications

WatchKit Tutorial Part 10: Tables

WatchKit Tutorial Part 11: Context Menu

WatchKit Tutorial Part 12: Sharing Data

WatchKit Tutorial Part 13: Settings Bundle

WatchKit Tutorial Part 14: Text Input

Using NSUserDefaults in Swift


01.Introduction to how to build a useful Apple Watch App - a metronome

02.How to build Apple Watch apps, download xcode

03.Create a Apple Watch app project with xcode - part 1 of 2

04.Create apple watch app project with xcode part02 hello world

05.How to display the glance view in the apple watch app simulator

06.Display Notifications Within Apple Watch App

07.How to send notifications for apple watch app

08.Build a metronome watch app design interface - Introduction

09.How to add image files to Apple watch app project in xcode

10.How to add Labels, Buttons, and Images to an Apple Watch App project in XCode

11.Connect the Apple watch app WKInterfaceLabel to an iboutlet property

12.How to Connect the apple watch app WKInterfaceImage to an iboutlet and change its image

13.How to connect a WKInterfaceButton to an action in the code using Xcode

14.How to create a metronome algorithm for the Apple watch using nstimer

15.How To tune the BPM of the metronome Apple watch app by triggering the actions in xcode

WKInterfaceMap setRegion in Swift - Xcode 6.2 iOS 8.2

WatchKit Glance in Swift - Xcode 6.2 iOS 8.2 Tutorial

WKInterfaceTable in Swift - Xcode 6.3 iOS 8.3 Tutorial


Swift WatchKit Tutorial 1 - Get Started with WatchKit to Make apps for the Apple Watch

WatchKit Swift Tutorial 2 - Getting Started with your First WatchKit App in Xcode 6 2 Beta

WatchKit Swift Tutorial 3 - Apple Watch User Interface Explained

WatchKit Swift Tutorial 4 - Connect the Apple Watch User Interface to Code

WatchKit Swift Tutorial 5 - Setup a NSTimer in Swift with Apple Watch

WatchKit Swift Tutorial 6 - Synchronize NSTimer and WKInterfaceTimer


Swift WatchKit Tutorial - Part 2: Simple but Cool App - Button Label Slider Switch | AppShocker

Swift WatchKit Tutorial - Part 3: Guessing Game - Episode 1 |

Swift WatchKit Tutorial - Part 4: Guessing Game - Episode 2 |

Swift WatchKit Tutorial - Part 5: Guessing Game - Episode 3 |

Make Your First Apple Watch App in 11 minutes - Tutorial [WatchKit SDK] カウンター

Apple Watch Kit SDK Tutorial 2 - Sharing Data Between the Watch and the Phone

Apple Watch Kit SDK Tutorial 3 - Making HTTP Requests

Apple Watch Kit SDK Tutorial 4 - Notifications Interface



Apple Watch Tutorial - Learn How to Make a Simple Apple Watch App 絵メニュー



Hello WatchKit 1: Apple Watch Simulator

Hello WatchKit 2: Map & Segue

Hello WatchKit 3: Pages in a Modal

WatchKit Animation Frame Rate Tutorial アニメーション

Instagram Apple Watch App Story




Apple Watch Kit SDK Tutorial 4 - Notifications Interface

Make Your First Apple Watch App in 11 minutes - Tutorial [WatchKit SDK] iPhone <-> Watch

#1 Hello WatchKit

#2 WatchKit TableView Controller

#3 Communicating between iPhone App and Watch App Using WatchKit

#4 WatchKit Page Based Navigation

#5 WatchKit Context Menus

#6 WatchKit Glances

Watch Music Player: Control your Music Using Apple Watch





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